III. RATIO employed and unemployed

The number of employed population aged 15-70 in the first half of 2007 increased by 91.1 thousand persons and accounted for 20.8 million. The employment rate of those aged 15-70 years increased by the period in general in Ukraine from 57,9% to 58,5%. The growth of this indicator was due to employment growth as urban residents and rural areas. The number of unemployed in the first half of 2007, compared with the first six months of last year, fell by 50.7 thousand and reached 1.5 million.

Unemployment rate of population aged 15-70 years (ILO methodology) in general in Ukraine amounted to 6,6% of economically active population in that age against 6,8% in the first half of 2006. This figure was lower than the average in EU countries, which amounted to 7,1%.

The positive is the fact that the number of people of working age are in desperate search of work, and international methodology may also belong to the category of unemployed decreased from 209.4 thousand on average in the first half of 2006 to 175.3 thousand on average in the first half of 2007.

Economic development accompanied by increased demand for labor. Within 10 months of 2007, employers have provided 236 thousand state employment information on availability of vacancies. Total number of registered vacancies in employment was almost 2 million The biggest demand for workers registered in construction, trade, repair of motor vehicles, household appliances and personal use, in manufacturing.

Within 10 months of 2007 the complex of services and material support in Ukraine received over 2 million unemployed citizens. The number of persons who were employed by the assignment of the employment centers, compared with the corresponding period last year, increased by 31.3 thousand and reached 966.4 thousand people, including by granting employers employed 30.7 thousand unemployed; 21,3 thousand unemployed people received one-time payment of unemployment benefits and organized their own business. If the 2006 level of employment of citizens seeking work was 39.7%, in January-October 2007 - 46.0%. The growth of this index occurred in all regions.

Within 10 months of 2007 the number of people who with the assistance of public employment service were involved in vocational training increased by 22 800 or 13,1%.

Coverage of professional training of unemployed citizens rose from 10.1% in January-October 2006 to 13,1% in January-October 2007. This situation is typical for all regions, while in Sevastopol their opportunities in the labor market through expanded professional training one in four unemployed in Kyiv - 42,0% of the unemployed.

However, in Ukraine, new and always remain a number of problems with the specifics of Dispersed ensure the competitiveness of unemployed citizens in a market economy and reducing the capacity of a legitimate sphere of application of labor. Not enough consistency in the methodology for unemployed people, not worked out its methods of assessment across the whole labor market. Unresolved problems and labor market statistics. Also remains unresolved terminological inconsistency, leading to different interpretations of certain categories and concepts, such as: competitiveness, workforce, quality of labor potential, unemployed, unemployment, employment, etc. unregulated.

Positive trends in the labor market not only accompanied by wage growth, but also a substantial reduction of debt, which at the time of the government headed by Viktor Yanukovych (August 2006 - March 2007) decreased by 19.1% or 208.3 million As at 1 April 2007, arrears of wages was 880.8 million.

"The main motivation for strengthening these trends has become a competitive salary," - said the Minister. In particular, the Government is taking consistent steps to increase the minimum wage and its phased approach to the subsistence minimum for able-bodied person. Since the Government made further practical steps aimed at strengthening of social partnership, the introduction of effective dialogue between the authorities, trade unions and employers' organizations, according to international norms and laws of Ukraine. Makes efforts and other measures to improve social policy of the Government.

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